Sunday 16 December 2012

Saturday 15th & Sunday16th December

The remainder of the Jungle at (1) has been cut back some more, about an hour in to being on the site Keith and his mate Mick turned up with Mike's Dads rotavator, to attack Keiths' plot.

The Pile (4) was cut up Saturday morning and placed into the drying enclosure (3) which was filled up again to the top, and I have a nice blister on my finger so I must have been working hard ;0). I placed a Pallet over the top and covered it just as a short shower of rain came down at lunch time and met Pauline coming into the allotment with a couple of flasks of soup for Keith and Mick as I was going home for some lunch and do some non-allotment related things like picking up Christmas presents for a few hours with Jen.  

Jen and I went back in the late afternoon/ early evening just as it was starting to get dark to burn what we could, as we arrived we found Keith and Mick loading up the van, both covered in mud but looking extremely happy with what they had achieved.

The burning went well-ish and by time we gave up we had reduced the contents of the bin by half.

Sunday morning, I took over some timber and some sides of a tallboy wardrobe I have saved and made a table/ shelf out of it in the shed to the right of the door, which allows for three storage boxes for netting and stuff like that under. It is at about mid door height and really stiffens up the panel which one has to stay was somewhat flimsy and offered little resistance if anyone pulled at the door handle. A narrower shelf was installed above this just below the eaves to the shed.

I reconstructed the metal shelving that I had harvested from my Dads workshop which fits quite nicely behind the left panel to the door. I have a number of smallish plastic boxes that are ideal for the gardening bits and bobs that I’m going to need come spring.

I spent some time walking around the plot picking up debris, drink cans, broken plastic flower plots, lemonade bottles etc. and added them to the other bags of non burnable debris and put them all in a couple of Wheelie Bin Bags to keep the car clean and brought them home (on the back seat of the car) and disposed of them down the dump.

Not massive gains but I'm getting there slowly  

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