Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christmas Greenhouses

Now what do I buy a 54 year old husband for Christmas, I was asked by the wife - So I suggested that as they were on a half price offer at Greenfingers.com that she could buy me a couple of greenhouses ;0)

This little fellows dimensions are 810 wide x 1080 deep x 1430mm high and was £9.99 and is going beside the shed as in the "Master Plan" shown in a posting below"

And this one is 1340 wide x 500 deep x 1600mm high was on offer £19.99, and will fit in the back garden on the margin between the path and the fence facing the sun. So I can have a bash at getting my plants started off a little early.

I was thinking that I could put a couple of tea light candles in jars on the bottom at night to keep the frost at bay... Anyone have any other suggestions for heating it. 

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