Monday 31 December 2012

Rose Bush Defensive Barrier

I have been informed by people down on the allotment that historically my plot had Hawthorne growing up the wall to detour little darlings from climbing over the wall and gaining access onto the allotment, and have been asked if I find any growing under the Jungle would I be keeping it?

I’ve only found one small plant bent over under the weight of the weeds to the left of the plot. I would like to grow something spiky in the shapes drawn above on the photograph and was thinking of some kind of fast growing “Rambling Roses” that would look nice in the summer, attract the bees, and still allow me to grow beans under the arches in future years.As I lost my Mum a couple of months ago, I'm looking at Yellow flowers as it was her favourite colour.

I know little about roses, so can I have your suggestions please for the best type of rose that has a fast growth rate and I can train into the arcs?

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