Monday 10 December 2012

Burn Baby Burn

Ok I didn’t get much done at all last week (Christmas Shopping) this weekend I managed to get down to the allotment with the bench and one chair and the shelving rack from my Mums place, and I have also:-

Cut halfway into the last remaining area of jungle (1)

I burnt all of the dry weeds and brambles under tarp at (2) in one very red rusty and one very shiny new galvanised incinerator which I have side by side.

I also managed to empty and burnt all the brambles and weeds from the pallet drying frame (3), which was going to be a massive bonfire for Nov 5th and I am so glad that I didn’t burn it all like that after seeing how this stuff can go up when the conditions are right.

The damp material in contact with the ground at (2) has been forked into the now empty pallet holding frame (3) which has a pallet on the ground and lets the stack breath and dry out.

The plan for the next visit is to cut up all of the tree branches that are under tarp (4) into small lengths for the incinerators and place them in the drying frame (3) and finish cutting the jungle away at (1) and find the wall, again all the cuttings from this area to dry out in the pallet holding frame

I found that fire lighters and lots of cardboard with timber from pallet sawn up and chopped up into small pieces with an axe made getting the fires and keeping the fires burning much easier than the last time I tried this. Adding cardboard fuel between layers of dampish weeds

So before next Sunday I need to cut up lots of cardboard boxes that have come down from my Mums loft, and chop up the next pallet(s) ready for another good burn up.

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