Sunday 19 February 2023

Getting the Potting Shed Base In

Andy came to give me a hand to get the base down and level, I had already laid the 300mm x 300mm slabs along side those between the potting shed base and Square Foot Garden Bed 2 

Andy did the lifting and leveling, I just got the woodchip when he needed it and the photographer did some weeding, getting woodchip and the killing of a non fruit tree. 

We found the high point and worked back from that to establish the level of the first row 

Only a 36% chance of rain but it was light when it came, and only lasted a little while until it stopped every now and then during our afternoon on the plot. 

I cut some timbers for us to use as a retaining member to hold the woodchips in place. I'm looking at a row of 400mm square slabs where the timber on the left is and then a raised bed beside the path.   

The extra wide path will make it easier to get the wheel barrow in and up to plot 1A and out again 

We need 2360mm or 2400mm and have 5 x 450mm slabs = 2250mm 

The shed base is 2360mm so if we introduce a row of paving blocks with 10mm wide joints between the last two rows of paving slabs we can achieve 2250 +10 +100 +10 = 2370mm  

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