Saturday 12 March 2022

Birthday Visit with Kelly


Kelly came down with me to empty the last leaf bin that was against the wall, and I have to say we worked well together, there was something growing in the bin and I don't have any idea what it was but we separated it and ended up with a few sack loads of nice black gold material from the bottom, but in the main the rest got any debris removed and put in the extension to the new baking tray leaf bin near the plum tree. 

Kelly left me to continue which I did for a while, until a large brunch, and nature  made me need/want to go home. 

The timber I had left over was short by a block length so I placed a block in at right hand Comfrey pipe and it fitted exactly. Next visit I need to fork over the bed and remove any bind weed and couch grass, and plant my grapevine. 

Then I will membrane the path and lay what woodchip I have in the wheel barrows. I also need to cut the timber edging for the bay next to the greenhouse and the other grape vine, and run the wires as most of the eye bolts are already in place.

I have another load of woodchip on order with a local tree surgeon for sometime hopefully next week. 

When one gets an allotment the family members and friends always have birthday, Christmas and gift ideas. Here are a few, I also got a gardening gift voucher that I will turn into farm year manure for my new asparagus beds. 

    This one made me laugh 

As did this one 

Yes it was from the wife!

The seeds were from Bargain Buys in Wallington and were picked up by my sister. They would be ideal for the new lady plot holders on our site that don't really know what they are going to grow yet. 

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