Saturday 2 October 2021

Weekend Visit

Heavy rain and high winds forecast today as temperatures drop. My eldest daughter is away Sunday and as there was a limited dry window early Saturday morning I took advantage and got to the plot a little before eight in the morning armed with my trusty Ryobi strimmer and a 5Au Battery.

Last of the cucumbers harvested and the foliage put in a Dalek with tomato foliage from the Plot 1 greenhouse as I again have been stripping the foliage back whilst watering and topping up the water butt.

Tomatoes bottom left in the photo above from the lone bush still out on the plot which is still full of green tomatoes. The other tomatoes are from the Plot 1 Greenhouse.

I cleared the bottom of the plot and made a pathway ready for me to sort out the kerb stones. I also trimmed the path into Plot 1 off the main path. Hopefully the grass should stop growing now and by keeping it low I can still wear trainers as there will not be wet grass from rain or morning dew to walk through. The longer I leave not having to wear boots or wellies the better.

As you can see by the height of the grass idverde didn't cut the grass in September which is supposed to be the last cut for Winter.

I cleared a path from the corner of plot 1 to the water tap and water butt on plot 14. The water is not being turned off until late October early November dependant upon dropping temperatures and the possibility of frost.

View from the tap looking back along the main path and the bottom of Plot 1 towards the main gate.
On checking the battery when I got home, I had used about a quarter of the charge in the battery clearing the grass in the photos above. I would have done more if I had more time.

My daughter phoned me to tell me she had picked up another Dalek for me that matches the ones I have on Plot 1. It had been left out on the path for anyone interested in it to take. I drove home, picked it up and dropped it back down to the allotment just in time to miss the downpour of rain.

I will move the tumbling composter up to plot 1A and put the Green Dalek in with his fellow Green Daleks on plot 1

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