Tuesday, 5 October 2021

In My Seed Box For 2022 - Courgette

It's very rare that I harvest these when they are the size they should be, and I don't really need more than a couple of plants 

New for 2022 British Summertime F1 - Dobies -  10 Seeds - £ 2.99 - Packaged Year ending 2022

British Summertime is the British bred courgette that will yield an abundance of fruit even in cold weather conditions. British bred and perfect to grow in a British Summer (dull and wet!) One of the earliest fruiting courgettes. The plant habit is an exceptionally open bush which improves air circulation, reducing the incidence of disease and fruit rot, allowing for the rapid picking of top-quality dark green fruit. Spine-free, so no scratched hands when you harvest. 

Sow           April - June

Sow seeds singly (April - June) 25mm (1") deep into a 75mm (3") pots indoors or in a greenhouse at 18 - 25C (64-77F) Grow on and plant out in the garden after hardening off, when the risk of frost has passed leaving 600mm (24") each way between plants, alternatively plant in 450mm (18") containers. Can also be sown directly outdoors into warm well-reained, moist soil after the risk of frost has passed , sowing 2-3 seeds at 600mm (24") intervals and thinning out to the strongest seedling. 
Plant Out  June - Aug 

Harvest     July - Oct.

Height       610-700mm (2' - 2'7")

More Information 
Water courgettes regularly - do not allow the soil to dry out as this will impair their development. Hoe between plants regularly to prevent weeds from establishing. Courgettes appreciate an application of a high potash fertiliser every two weeks during the growing season. 
Hand pollinating courgettes is not usually required when they are grown outdoors. However, for indoor cultivation the female flowers can be fertilised by pressing a male flower against them. 
Begin harvesting courgettes from midsummer onwards when they are 10cm (4") long. Regular harvesting will encourage more courgettes to be produced. Culinary note: Courgette flowers are edible and can be eaten cooked or added raw to salads.

Courgette Seeds - F1 Defender

Packet Contents 20 seeds

Suttons Code 16 13 28

Cost per pack £2.99

  • An RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner.
  • Easy to grow & ideal to grow in small spaces.
  • A great courgette variety for gardening beginners. 
  • Resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

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