Wednesday 26 May 2021

HD Plastic 15 Cell (3 x 5) Modules

Patch Seed Potatoes are selling a box of 20 number 15 Cell (3 x 5) Containerwise Second hand heavy duty modules for £30 and £8.0 Delivery to the UK which brings the cost of the £4.25 trays down to just below £1.50 each.

Actually although there web site says 20 they have been shipping 21 trays as it fills the box better but that one additional tray is likely to have a defect of some description.  

I tend to use the flimsy15 cell trays like the one on the left in the photo above to hold vending machine cups that I grow in which makes watering from the bottom and transportation easier.  

As you can see the Heavy Duty Plastic module fits into a standard tray easily and actually offers more support to the vending machine cups than it's flimsy neighbour. 

Yes they are second hand and are a little bit dusty and dirty, but they have been used once for potato breeding are are structurally still perfect, they only need a wash over before using, and you are getting them at less than half price. 

I'm on no commission just happy to share a bargain with fellow growers. 

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