Saturday 8 May 2021

Sowing Spring Onions

40 Cell heavy duty module sown with:-

3 Rows of Johnsons White Lisbon 9 seeds per cell = 135 Onions
2 Rows of T&M Kew Collation Purplette 9 seeds per cell = 90 Onions
3 Rows of Johnsons Long White Ishikura 9 seeds per cell = 135 Onions

Late with the first sowing of Spring Onions this year - give it 4 weeks and I shall do another 40 cell modules worth. Next varieties Gerda, North Holland Blood Red, Evergreen Bunching & Ram Rod

What varieties do you like to grow?

As it was raining I spent most of the morning sorting out the labels for vegetables that I will be growing that I don't currently have labels for

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