Wednesday 27 January 2021

Gardening Hits TESCO

As I have been shielding my wife, I tend to go shopping very early in the morning normally between 6 - 7am and on this trip I found that the Unwins Seeds had arrived along with bulbs or various types and the first lot of compost. I could not see what size the sacks were but they were £4 a sack or two for £6. 

Thing is I have never tried Levington and have no idea what their MPC is like. I'm worried it may be the crappy MPC that Tony C Smith had problems with I will have to go back and watch the YouTube Video and see if it was.

Fruit trees at £6 each or two for £10  

Who can resist a £2 bag of 80 Stuttgarter Giant Onion sets. I have Red Baron and Pink Panther already so just a top up purchase really.  

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