Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Greenworks Cordless Mower Has Landed

Some time ago just before or as we started to become #IsolatedGardeners a public relations company sent out an email about a New 48V 36cm Cordless Lawn Mower from Greenworks and asked if there were any gardening journalist, vloggers and bloggers out there that would be interested in having a trial machine to review.

I replied immediately and a week or so later I was informed that I had been selected and that a trial machine would be coming my way.

The 48V 36cm Greenworks cordless mower was launched for £199 at the start of the UK season, it immediately sold out as sales had increased fourfold in just six weeks. It appears that everyone and his dog, who was now housebound started to get gardening crazy. As a result there was a delay in getting out the review machines to the gardening press as they had run out of stock.

Additional production was shipped in from Greenworks’ headquarters and thus the evaluation machines have finally arrived. It appears that the new stock is also still flying off the shelves, and Greenworks look to be having good 2020 due to the new interest in gardening, thanks to the virus.

I have wanted a Cordless Lawnmower for some time that I can take to the allotment to cut the main path at the bottom of my plot and the path between myself and my neighbour. .

I have been using a combination of woodchips & paving slabs for all the internal paths between the 2.4m x 1.2m beds, however obtaining a regular supply of woodchips is difficult.

Now I have the cordless mower the last section of my new plot shown above will have grass paths. This will have the benefit that I will not have refresh the paths every two to three years as they degrade and turn into soil.

At the moment I take my grass clippings from home and from my Sisters and Daughters properties to feed my composting Dalek army. Having grass paths will mean that I have an additional source of green material directly from the plot to compost. As gardeners and allotment plot holders we all know that one can never have too much compost.

I will do an unboxing review, and a full review of the Greenworks 48V 36cm Cordless Mower in due course, I need the grass to grow in the back garden and I have only just made a visit the the allotment since before the lockdown as my wife is in the very high risk category and it looks like the 2.2. Million vulnerable people in England will remain at home and shielded until at least the 1st August subject to what happens with any regional outbreaks or a second wave.

Use this link to find all future posts re Greenworks products that I review or use in a post. 

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