Friday, 3 October 2014

Swift Visit

Drawing in the morning and finally got all 10 drawings completed and ready to submit for planning, emailed over to the client for final review. So a swift visit to water the peppers in the greenhouse and the plants on the allotment as we still have not had any rain.

Carried on cutting back the marrows and courgette area and dalek 2 had once again dropped about four to five inches. I took the compost mixing tool I bought from Kleeneze with me and I have to say, I'm not really convinced how much good using it is doing? I guess I'm adding air into the equation lower down again.

An hour later dalek 2 is once again full and dalek 3 is getting topped up and an hour of cutting up foliage is enough for one day. Harvested some runner beans for the seed circle, the spring onions in bed 2 are looking very sad for themselves. The beetroots are really coming on I will give them a few more weeks and then harvest another batch to pickle.

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