Monday, 6 October 2014

Harvesting & Composting

You may have noticed that there was not a Sunday morning visit this weekend - I decided to stay home and work on the shaggy weed membrane melting the edges and the holes so they last longer and don't fall apart.

I've repaired a potato and the strawberry sheets and have extended a cross on the holes on the strawberry sheet so its easier to plant and maintain. As I have had bind weed problems in the strawberry bed this year and I didn't deal with it when I first noticed it, and I want to be able to lift the membrane off and deal with anything growing underneath and then replace the membrane. 

We have had a frost over the weekend so I visited to check on the peppers in the greenhouse, I'm hoping they will turn before they die. I harvested most of the cucumbers (5) leaving 2 on the plant that now does not look too happy but they are still a bit small so we will see.

Harvested runner beans for the beans, I have left the smaller ones on the plant to do what they can so I get enough beans for the seed circle 20 people x 10-15 bean each = 200 - 300 beans I shall need. There are quite a few drying off on top of the fridge freezer in the kitchen.

The rain came and I had a tidy in the greenhouse, it slowed down and I managed to top up dalek 2 with more marrow foliage, which is now on the turn but is also now so thin due to my efforts with each visit that I can see the cardboard.

heavy rain finally stopped play even though I had another hour of allotment time scheduled into the day. I brought another shaggy potato weed membrane home with me and if and when we get dry weather I will melt/ trim it up for use again next year. I have purchased some 30 litre buckets to grow potatoes next year.

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