Sunday, 26 October 2014

Beetroots, Onions, Sprouts & Runner Beans

Clocks back an hour and a good five hours on the allotment today, dry and warm for the time of year. Four black bags of leafs taken to the allotment.

I applied some growmore to the bed and then planted 50 Medium Flavour Senshyu Yellow Onion sets, 5 rows for 10 onions in the remaining half of bed 9 and then erected a new Hoop debris netting cage over the bed to stop the birds for pulling out the onions.

I measured and drilled the longitudinal plastic braces that are fixed to the hoops and mid height and down the sides. So much easier to set up the hoops and fix the bracing with cable ties.

I then harvest all the remaining beetroots in bed 2 before clearing the leafs from the spouts. I harvested sprouts from the bottom of the plants where they were large enough. The foliage from the tops of the beetroots, the sprout leafs and comfrey once again filled up dalek 2 and then topped up dalek 3

Ash from the incinerator was also added to dalek3. More runner beans harvested for the seed circle.

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