Sunday, 12 October 2014

A not so early start as it's getting darker and darker in the morning. I took compost from home and a sack of paper shredding's with me and attacked Beds 15a and 15b later called 15 & 16 the courgettes and Marrows. I dug up the woodchip around the beds that had rotted down and alternated brown, green - comfrey - brown green - comfrey and have ended up filling dalek 3 to within 3 inches of the top.

Whilst clearing I found many slugs and snail and dispatched them to snail and sluggy heaven and they I found Fred (picture below) a truly mashousive specimen (It's no wonder with the amount he has to eat this year)

So job for better weather is to dug up and sieve beds 15a and 15b and install the timber as edging as there is a bit if a difference in levels - install the concrete kerb edging and sort out what I'm actually going to do with the last two trees - I feel I need to be able to get out half way along the plot so I may put one up by the entrance by the bench and table / comfrey bed.

The sun did shine for a little while and it was quite warmish for October by the time I was ready to come home after cutting up all that stuff and my wrist is feeling it a little. So paths re laid and home about 12:30 ish with a Pumpkin that Barry left for me.
Job List - In no particular order

 1. Clean up the falling leafs from the sprouts and add to the compost & start harvesting the sprouts from the bottom up
 2. Next Sunday which at the moment is supposed to be dry - Harvest the late potatoes and cover
 3. Harvest dry beans and they appear
 4. Harvest the Beetroots
 5. Sieve Beds 15a and 15b
 6. Harvest Potatoes in the Buckets
 7. Remove Pea Frame from Bed 7 - manure and cover
 8. Start clearing the greenhouse of trays etc.
 9. Trim Back the grape vines
10. Deal with the encroaching brambles and weed from plot 1]
11. make some 1.2x1.2 timber hoop frames up ready for next year
12. Make some pea frames up ready for next year

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