Friday, 24 October 2014

My Triffid Thinks I'm Mad!

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th October 2014 - I did have a quick session yesterday picking up leafs that had blown into the garden following the high winds as the rubbish bins were out. I managed to fill up a black sacks worth.

Today the wife needed to be dropped off around her sisters to baby sit and said " I expect you will be off down the allotment" No Babe too much work to do. But I did manage to fill another 3 black sacks with leafs from the pavement in front of my neighbours houses.

I had suggested to my little triffid that I might do this in the past, and was informed I was mad....

Now I'm just waiting for her to spot the sacks, or if I'm really lucky I may get them to the allotment without her catching on. (like that's going to happen)  I have been wracking my brains trying to think where else I may find lots of leafs but without all the garbage.

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