Wednesday 20 April 2022

Burgundine Asparagus arrives

My Burgundine Asparagus crowns dispatched by Suttons on Good Friday finally arrived today. Second clear covid test, and I'm feeling so much better, that a dash to the allotment to get them in the ground late this afternoon / evening was in order.

First I needed to remove the glass panels off the square flower buckets and then remove the buckets from the path and the trench. The buckets have been holding up the sides of the trench.

The square flower buckets were stacked on the patio in front of the plot 1 shed and covered up with the glass panels to stop the contents getting wet again. The first early spuds are going in these as soon as possible.

Trench after the square flower buckets were removed.

Sieved earth used to make the mound and then the Burgundine" Asparagus crowns placed 200 & 400mm from the ends, then at equal spacing so the two rows are staggered. The paving blocks were used to measure the offsets from the ends of the row. 

Crowns carefully opened out like spiders sitting on the mound.

Sieved earth emptied on top of the mound.

Closer view of the sieved earth over the Burgundine Asparagus crowns. Watered in before the Equigrow Fertile Mulch was added.

First sack of Equigrow Fertile Mulch added to the trench.

Yep there are some Marestail showing in the gap between the two trenches, they need to be dug out next visit.

Equigrow Fertile much spread over and watered in.

Basil Brush Fox Proofing added after final watering.

Comfrey Bed coming alive and will soon dwarf the bluebells 

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