Tuesday 5 April 2022

Sowing Spring Onions

First batch of Spring Onions sown, it will be interesting to see which ones germinate first this year. Only 5 varieties got sown today as I'm using a 3 x 5 Module tray to hold the vending machine cups I'm using to sow bunches of onions for planting into beds once they are beyond the seedling slug risk stage. 

Lidl - De Barletta
Kings Seeds - White Lisbon
Kings Seeds - Ishikura

There will be another tray load sown in 3 weeks times and that will repeat every 3 weeks with the last sowing over wintering in 2022.

This is the sowing arrangement I aim for in each vending cup.

Vending machine cups filled with sieved Clover Peat based compost (yes I know save the planet etc etc.) but until they totally ban it and/ or I can find a peat Free compost as good at a similar price I will carry on with what worked for me historically. 

That's not to say if any company out there wants to send me their super-de-dooper peat free compost Free of Charge, that I would not trial it because I would love to do a head to head comparison, and perhaps be proven wrong. 

The compost was left in doors over night to warm up. 

Fine sieved compost 10mm deep over the sown seeds, then watered in using a pop bottle with pin holes in the cap, and water that has been standing for at least 24 hours and is at room temperature, so my seeds don't get shocked with cold water. 

Propagator cover on and then back in the house to keep nice and snug for the next 10 - 14 days whilst germination takes place and before they are moved out into the space saver greenhouse as it's still too cold for them at night they need at least 15 C to germinate.

I was about to sow these spring onions and then I notices that wilko have used the same photo for Ramrod and White Lisbon Winter Hardy on their packs!

Lazy marketing people you can hear them now, 

"Do we have a photo of the ramrod spring onions?" 

"No, just use a photo from another pack no one will notice" 


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