Monday 28 December 2020

In My Seed Box For 2021 - Spinach

NEW Tree Spinach - 200 Seeds - Suttons - £2.99

Eye-catching bright magenta leaves that will add columns of heights and colour to your veg garden.

Young leaves make a delicious and healthy addition to salads.

Plants are related to quinoa, so grains can also be dried and saved for baking.

Harvest mid July - early October.

Tree spinach has eye-catching bright magenta with almost sparkly growing tips. Spinach plants can grow up to 2m tall, hence the name Tree spinach. This vigorous plant can be harvested as a cut and come again leaf from 25cm tall. Easy to grow, adds columns of height and colour to the veg garden.

Producing large magenta spinach leaves, they are tastiest when they are young. Young leaves can be used fresh in salads and larger ones can be harvested and used like spinach. Spinach provides us with an essential source of vitamins and minerals that are key for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plants are also related to quinoa, so when they flower and go to seed in August-October, the grains can be dried and saved for baking.

Growing Information

Sow seeds on the surface of good quality seed compost on a sunny windowsill in trays or modules in a greenhouse or conservatory. Do not exclude light as this aids germination, which can take between 14-28 days. transplant into pots as the plants grow and plant out after the danger of frost has passed. Alternatively, seeds can be directly sown where they are to crop in May, preferably at the back of a veg bed where they will not cause shade to other plants. Sow a few seeds every 2 weeks for a continual supply of young, tender leaves

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