Thursday, 21 August 2014


A busy day - Hoop Iron Survey in the morning, with one of the worst cases I have seen in a while, and two Party Wall schedule of Condition surveys in the afternoon. late afternoon early evening a visit to the allotment to water the plants under cover.

Took a sack of cut up outer leafs from all the corns harvested yesterday and now my compost bin is full. So I need to do some sorting out as there is going to be mile of runner beans, marrows and courgettes foliage to be added in a month or so.

I have heard from the council that they are still in discussion with the current tenants of plot 3 - Christ knows why as he has only been once in a year. He cleared an area about 2m x 1m and has never visited again. Against advice from the council one of the other tenant cut all the tops off the 4ft high weeds in the hope of stopping the seed from spreading onto all the surrounding plots.

The stupid thing is if he actually turned up those around him would have assisted him in cutting all the weeds back.

Harvested yet another bowl of tomatoes and from the looks of it there are two cucumbers that are nearly ready to harvest, just hoping the squirrels don't notice them. Thinking back it could have been them and not Basil that had a go at my nice red beefsteak tomato.

Noticed more marrows and courgettes that are ready for harvesting, trouble is I'm running out of people to palm them off on.
Note to self - definitely only one of each plant next year - every time I visit they are gradually expanding their empire, despite keep pushing them back.

My old car is in for it's MOT tomorrow, if too much needs doing to her it will be her death as the cam shaft is on the way out and she sounds more like an old taxi every day.

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