Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday 1st August - Where is the summer going?

OK up early and then out to check a schedule of condition on a party wall job.  Got back late morning

Dropping of the wife to her sister and picking up 4 number 600x600mm paving slabs and 3 number 450x450mm paving slabs that she no longer needs and transported then to the allotment and had and extended lunch break.........   

I love being self employed and choosing when I want to work and when I want to play with mud. 

The 600x600mm are now in front of the greenhouse and the 450x450mm have finished off the patio area. Whilst down on the allotment, I have netted the mini-portable half bed sized hoop frame and planted bed 2 with two trays worth of beetroots in bed 2

Harvested all the red onions from bed 3
Harvested Tomatoes
Harvested 2 x courgettes
Noticed that I have marrows growing
Watered Greenhouse, Grow house and shed conservatory contents 

To Do List

01 Sort out trees and edge to plot
02 Complete woodchip paths around bed 14
03 Plant out Spring Onions
04 Clear foliage from potato beds 8,9 & 10
05 Plant cabbages in bed 14
06 Harvest 2nd early potatoes from bed 8

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