Saturday 1 June 2024

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Beds

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Beds finally completed. Moat around the outside edge for watering as I have found cucumbers grow better if watered from below and not directly on the base of the plant.

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Isometric View for those that remember their Technical Drawing from school

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Beds Side Elevation View

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Gable End View

Late afternoon early evening. I've cleared a lot of square flower buckets that had soil/ compost and coir in them from last year and bade up the level of the soil in the climbing frame greenhouse and formed the moat around the outside edge ready for planting the Lazy Housewife Climbing French beans and the cucumbers.

I can't get down that low to plant them out so I thought I'm going to have to ask for some help or try the kneeling stool when others are on the plot so that if I get stuck they can come to my rescue.
My daughter Emma asked if I could do with a hand on the plot Sunday morning, so I bit her arm off and said yes.

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