Sunday 2 June 2024

Climbing Frame Greenhouse Planting

A short visit this morning with Emma to get the cucumbers and Lazy Housewife Climbing French Beans in the climbing frame greenhouse before the 12pm - 3pm hottest part of the day. Alternate sowings of cucumbers and Lazy Housewife French Climbing Beans in the Climbing Frame Greenhouse. I just hoping the snails and slugs leave them alone, because the have mullered my Tomato plants at home, and the Parsnips on the allotment.

Some excess Lazy Housewife French Climbing Beans added to the Cantilever Runner Bean Frame

Bindweed removed from another onion bed

I set about drilling the vertical posts added to the raspberry beds so I can fix the bamboo restraint horizontally to keep the pathways open.

So much bindweed in the raspberries I'm going to have to get in there and start cutting and removing it.

Emma did a Raspberry harvest whilst I was finishing off drilling the vertical restraint members to cable tie the 8ft horizontal bamboo in place.

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