Friday 7 October 2022

Seeds Start to Arrive


In the post today two envelopes of seeds from Dobies and Suttons, and in the Suttons envelope we have one pack of 78 11 84 Red Clover Green Manure

A nitrogen-fixing clover with weed-suppressing foliage grown as a green manure to add humus and nutrients and improve soil structure. and lovely pink flowers that will attract bees, although usually dug in prior to flowering. This popular green manure is excellent on sandy, loamy and free-draining soils to add humus and improve soil structure as well as nitrogen. 

Contents: 112g (4oz), sufficient to sow 35 sq.m (42 sq.yd).

My standard bed size is 2.4m x 1.2m = 2.88 sq.m 

If the contents cover 35 sq.m then 35 sq.m /2.88sq.m = 12.15 Beds say 12 beds 

Thus 112g / 12 = 9.334g per bed. I will weigh out 12 zippy bags worth of seed. 

The pack says considered the best type for green manuring through it can suffer if sown too early or late in the year. 

The sowing and flowering graph appears to show that the flowering period is only a month after sowing, so I'm hoping that I can use it on beds during late April and May then dig it just prior to flowering.

I will post about the contents of the Dobies envelope next week.  

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