Thursday 2 June 2022

Debris Netting & Weeding

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations marking the Queen's 70 years on the throne are the first of their kind - aside from Victoria, no other Queen or King of Great Britain has even reigned for 60 years.

In my childhood there was only one scouts promise. 

The Scout Promise for members who are Christian

On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best
to do my duty to God and to the Queen,
to help other people
and to keep the Scout Law.

because in those days were were predominately Christian and were taught religious studies in school.  

Well as Liz arranged for an extra couple of days off, to celebrate her Golden Jubilee and my daughters are both at home this morning, so they suggested that I could get off down to the allotment with my new roll of 3m wide debris netting and get a few hours in.

SFG Bed 2 weeded and the metal mesh added to the back and diagonal blue water pipe and debris netting cover that was on the Asparagus bed before I re-covered it.

Beetroots planted in the corner of Square Foot Gardening bed 1, they were a little worse for the heat and not being watered for a few days but hopefully they will pick up again.

Now I have 3m wide debris netting I've removed the mesh panels and the short debris netting and covered the Asparagus bed with 3m wide netting. I still need to get in there and weed the remaining half of the bed, but that will be a lot easier now it's completely netted.

Asparagus Bed from the other end where the mesh panels were. The 3.5" and 6" Spring Clips make holding down and accessing the beds a who lot easier and I have made sure that their is enough overhand to tie the ends together and weight down with a block paving or another 6" Spring Clip. 

Broccoli bed covered with new 3m wide debris netting and 3 Black Beauty Melons added to the end of the bed, by the runner beans. I need to sort out the rest of the Brussel Sprout bed hoops and clear that bed and replace the shallow black hoops with the taller hoops which are up against the greenhouse at a future visit.

Closer view of the Broccoli bed covered with new debris netting and 3 Black Beauty Melons added to the back of the bed.

4 French beans plants added to the runner bean trench, need to sow some replacement runners for those that have not germinated.

View from the greenhouse door. Sweetcorn need to go in the ground, walking onions germinating and growing. Celery Sprouts and melons watered, and will hopefully still be OK when I next visit.

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