Sunday 15 May 2022

Freecycle Win & To Do List


14 number 300 x 300mm slabs won off Freecycle that will go around the next Square Foot Gardening Bed, picked up from a nice chap called Richard in Wimbledon who helped me load them in the car from his new home. He found them in the garden and had no use for them and so Freecycled them. 

Paving slabs stacked at the corner of Square Foot Gardening Bed 2 

SFG Bed 1 that was covered up the day the bed was made so I'm guessing the weeds were in the compost I used to make the Mels mix! I'm going to have to clear this bed of weeds and start sowing some of the planned vegetables.

SFG Bed 2 again covered the day the Mel's mix was made, I need to set up the vertical climbing frame at the back and cut some Debris netting to cover this bed like SFB Bed 1. 

Mares Tail in the path and the last Raspberry bed, this area was covered for a year by a tarp the beds and paths were weeded and it has weed membrane and a good thickness of wood chip plus some rubber path material and this happens! I hate Mares tail, there has to be a way of killing it somehow?

The Mares-tail coming up in the parts of the bed that were not dug out and weeded again for the asparagus. I'm going to have to weed this bed first to try and stop the spread of the Mares-tail.

Weeds in one of the onion set beds, hopefully it will be dealt with Thursday afternoon early evening, when Emma is coming to help me weed.

Bind weed in what was the walking onion bed, I have more walking onions coming and must clear this bed of weeds next visit to the allotment.

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