Thursday, 15 September 2016

F2 Crimson Crush Harvested

OK 22 different types of tomatoes grown this year but these are F2 Crimson Crush from seeds saved from the tomatoes off the free plants they sent me last year.

I know F1 seed don't always run true but It was an experiment. I got plants with two different types of leafs, some had the classic tomato looking leafs, and the others more potato looking leafs. The fruit from the plant with the more classic tomato looking leafs produced fruit with the look, texture and taste as Crimson Crush last year.

So I already have F3 seeds from a slug attacked Crimson Crush fermenting ready for saving for next years continuing experiment. 

Whilst on plot 23B dropping off some items and harvesting the Crimson Crush I also took the opportunity as it's so unseasonably warm and sunny to weed kill the perimeter of the plot as bind weed and couch grass is once again trying to invade from under the path of the Mencap plot and from Adams.

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