Saturday 26 March 2016

Sowing Time 02- 2016

Up early and it's very windy but no rain yet so I have decided to do some sowing before the rain comes and stops play for the day.

Sowing 01-2016 Was 3 plug plant trays 72 x Onions and I managed a germination of 3 !! it could have been last years seed compost, in fact the seed compost could have been two years old, or It just could have been the seed, so a new bag of compost for sowing 02 

Sowing 02 to fill the micro Greenhouse behind the Kitchen Patio Door

   8 x Greyhound
   8 x Golden Acre
   8 x Hispi F1 Hybrid
   8 x Savoy Estoril F1 Hybrid New for 2016

Brussels Sprouts
   8 x Revenge F1 Hybrid
   8 x All Year Round (Purple)
   8 x Eversham Special

   8 x Cheesy
   Sow by 2014 but worth a try
   8 x All The Year Round

My very first year on the allotment I grew what can only be described as magnificent Brassica, Since then I have had continued success with Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage but have never quite achieved the same success with Cauliflower and I just have given up with Broccoli  

For Christmas last year I got a Brother P-Touch Label Maker, not the green gardening one that they sell for a fortune but a standard one.

What's the difference I hear you ask? Nothing apart from the colour and the cost, because they do like to rip off us gardeners.  

Its not been used since last year but it's out again to create labels for new varieties of plants that I'm growing this year. It has to be said the labels are so good they don't fade and you get to use them for quite a few years, and I think the Brother P-Touch is a must have, and an ideal gift for allotment owners and gardeners. 

The labels from last year were recovered and wiped clean and stored in one of my seed boxes, yes I have two large plastic toolboxes full of seeds for current use and another for seeds with a use by date of 2017 & 2018 from the Wyevale seed sales

    60 x Alison Craig
    60 x North Holland Blood Red Redmate

    8 x Cos Italian Kitchen
    8 x Tom Thumb
    8 x Mini Iceberg
    8 x Little Gem
    8 x Iceberg
    8 x Round

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