Friday, 4 December 2015

Cheap Seeds and Blue Water Pipe

My daughters informed me that the last of the packs of seeds at Wyevale were being sold off at 10p a pack so I just had to go and see what I could find, came away with £25.79 of seeds for £1.30

Rubine Brussels Sprouts 2017
Savoy January King 3 Cabbage 2016 Mr Fothergill's
Savoy January King 3 (Winter) Cabbage 2017 Tompson and Morgan
April (Spring) Cabbage 2017
Durham Early Cabbage 2017
All year Round Cauliflower 2017

Tango F1 Hybrid Celery 2017
Bedfordshire Champion Onions 2018

Lettuce Sweetheart 2017
Lettuce Tom Thumb 2018
Lettuce Maureen 2018
Lettuce Tantan 2017

Then the real prize was on the way back one I noticed that the construction site for the new ASDA is about to come to an end and eagle eyes spotted some blue water pipe up against the fence. I stopped and had a word with the site agent and came away with a large reel of 35mm dia pipe that was too large to get into the car.

Lucky I had a saw in the back and I now have 7 massive hoops for another large Sprout enclosure for plot 28B

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