Monday, 12 October 2015

Mustard Green Manure & The Container Goes

I dropped into plot 1A to feed the compost bin with kitchen scraps and flowers and whilst there saw the neglect that working on 23B has caused, in the form of more weeds in the beds that need attention, so I need to fit in a couple of visits to get it back under control a little.

The Mustard has started to flower so I took the shears to it and cut it down and it can now nicely rot into the soil.

I will give it a couple of weeks of exposure to the elements then It will be dug into the soil and covered with weed membrane for the winter.

I picked up four bread basket bottoms and took them to 23B to use as weights on the blue tarp and brought a couple of sacks of rubbish home for disposal.

At last after a couple of visits from the local authority planning officer my neighbour has finally arranged to have the storage container removed from the front garden.

All done by the driver with the assistance of a remote control unit. It did sway a lot when first lifted and pushed the neighbours white picket fence over a little. Yes that's it on the left with the four gravel boards because of the slope of the garden

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