Saturday 3 November 2012

Still Clearing The Weeds

I got a few hours in on the plot today started at 7:00 am 

Cut my way into and beyond the gate and fence to the top half of the plot, and found a tribe of pigmy's in the long grass, who told me their name, can you guess it?

Found yet another stack of glass sheets

I took the pallet fence and gate down and they are now leaning against the wall. I didn't find the compost bin in the photograph when I cleared the weeds, Jackie at the local Authority put me  in touch with a lady who no longer wanted her compost bin, so I went and collected it and dropped it off at the allotment during the week. I've decided that I'm not going to try and compost anything from the initial clearance of the plot but I'm saving material from home to bring to site  

View from the East looking West

View from the South Looking North

I've used the rotting pallet fence to make an enclosure for the cut vegitation so that it can dry out and I can have a bonfire once all the grass & weed are down and dry, I will be covering the piles up later before the sun goes down and the rain clouds arrive to make it all wet again. Even I know that wet grass and weed will not burn ;0)

Hopefully in the summer when the sun is higher in the sky that tree will not cast a shadow over my plot.

And the pigmy's are called the Fuckarwe tribe as you guessed, they jump up and down in the long grass saying "where the fuck are we, where the fuck are we?"

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