Sunday 4 November 2012

In Search of a Wheel Barrow (or Part thereof)

King Arthur called his knights around him and spoke “Gentleman, forget the Grail……go search the lands and find me an economic sturdy wheelbarrow for Cadalot's allotment” and they went on their quest ….

OK I did myself and used the internet – If you’re in a similar position then below are the direct links to the pages with Wheelbarrows. Keith (my brother-in-law) popped around the other night and he was about to buy a new wheel for his wheelbarrow from B&Q

Then Keith had an idea, if he used a £6 can of tire inflator (which are single-use devices intended to provide a quick, temporary solution to drivers who experience flat tires), he would not have to pay £15.59 for a new tire for his wheelbarrow.

That was when I told him that that he could but a whole galvanised wheelbarrow currently “on offer” at Greenfingers for just £19.99

All the above links go to pages about Wheelbarrows I’m very Victor Meldrew and "I don't believe it" the vast variations shape style, colour and price when comparing like for like.  

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