Monday 12 November 2012

Remembrance Day on the Allotment

I was up and dressed and waiting for daylight, whilst the wife and kids were still in bed condensing snot. Out into the cold and scraped off the ice from the car windows – “Bloody hell I should have the ground turned, over this stuff can be helping me” goes through my mind….

So I arrived at the allotment just as there was enough daylight to see what I was doing, by time I had my boots on and unlocked the gates and trudged to my plot the sun was just coming up (yep the sun a big yellow ball in a very clear blue sky).

I did not hang around and started to attack the weeds and brambles with one of the scythes that Keith found in his Asbestos Shed before it was removed!! I am so glad that he did, I would have been lost without it.

Whilst on the site, Keith phoned me to say they had bought the sheds and they are being delivered next Friday!  There I was thinking that I had at least another two weeks to clear and get a base ready… It will be good to have somewhere to put the tools away.

During the day I have been visited by a Cat and Fox after the Chickens on the plot three down, a Robin after anything I may expose and the biggest Toad that I have ever seen. The Bees humming in the Ivy tree sounded like a well lubricated motor and for some reason I was not worried about them, normally I’m petrified of the bloody things, but we were all doing our own things and they are going to help me grow stuff.

This year has not been kind, with the stress of my wife turning blue, and spending weeks in hospitals and then my Mother dying, plus the usual life and work pressures. Allotment Therapy is really helping me to chill out a little and get away into a little nice relaxing place in my mind.

The photographs are the state of play at the end of the day after covering up all the piles of cut weeds so that they can remain dry and dry out more so that I can burn them to add back to the soil and save me many trips to the dump.

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