Friday 2 December 2022

Making Self Watering Pop Bottle Propagators


Self-Watering Pop Bottle Propagators. 
Repurposing plastic pop/ water bottles before they ultimately get recycled.

Use the lines in the molding of the bottle to line up the two strips that will become the lifting handle. On this one I'm also taking the bottom of the bottle as well.

Here is another I have marked out a little more than I normally would so you can see what I'm cutting out. I highlighted the line in the moulding and then placed a rule over it to mark the handle strips.

Cut out the sections that are not required, and you have this.

The two 20 - 25mm wide strips will become the lifting handle.

Overlap the strips and staple them together. 

View once stapled, I have used a soldering iron and melted the straps together in the past as well.

Rag cloth rescued from an old bed mattress that I cut into tray size to use as capillary matting and now cut again into strips wide enough to be rolled up and stuffed into the neck of the bottle as capillary membrane.

Five 1mm holes drilled into the pop bottle cap to allow the water to get into the inside of the plastic bottle top via the wicking capillary membrane once filled with soil.

Roll up the strip of rag cloth and stuff into the neck of the bottle and screw the cap on.

The three parts of the Self Watering Pop Bottle Propagators the water container the growing basket and the Propagator cut to length so that the handle fits neatly inside and supports the propagator lid part, which can have a cap with holes added or the cap can be removed, as can the top of the bottle once the seedlings are up and no longer need the propagator lid.

Basket in the water container. The handle helps hold the bottle top you will be using as a Propagator in place.

Self-Watering Pop Bottle Propagators Assembled

Six Self-Watering Pop Bottle Propagators ready for being shipped to the Allotment greenhouse

Typical cucumber seed planting layout, and other seeds come to that.

Self-Watering Pop Bottle Propagators in use earlier this year, the plant label fits nicely in the middle of the bottle. 

Self-Watering Pop Bottle Propagators waiting to be filled with compost and seeds sown.

Video from 2016 when I added the lifting handle which was a game changer!

I use these in my allotment greenhouses, as I can't always get down to the allotment to water as I look after my wife who has Lupus and needs someone to be around as standing and moving around is not possible unassisted.

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