Sunday, 10 May 2020

The A-Team Get Another Bed In

Emma and Andy have had another morning on the allotment for me and have put in the second bed by the shed. Well done guys, I'm so grateful for your help.  

The woodchip in the drop off and pick up area is all gone, and I will have to ask Michelle if she can arrange to have some more dropped off as I'm sure many other plot holders are also wanting to get their infrastructure in. I have a number of flower buckets of coir and compost at home from last year ready to fill up these beds, but that will have to wait until I can get back down to the allotment. 

So looking at the plan at the top of the page, we have two more beds already made up but it looks as if at least one of the Daleks that are filled with Acidic Apple Compost will need to be moved out of the way and added to the line of Daleks along the footpath. Not a job that want's to be done until the composting is further along and the fruit flies have gone. 

My neighbour tends to strim the paths and his plot and as a result stones can be fired by the trimmer at the greenhouse. That's why the Daleks on Plot 1A are placed where they are to afford some protection to the greenhouse and it was also my thinking when planning the layout of the Daleks for plot 1. 

It does not look as if many walking onions survived the weeding process, I do have some bulbs in the shed, but again a casualty of war and I can always buy some more once I'm fit and able once again to get down to the plot to potter around. 

If nothing else the Coronavirus and shielding lockdown has made be value the time I do get away from the house even more and I can't wait until it's safe for me to once again venture out and not put myself and my good lady at risk. I can see more frequent short visits to the allotment in the future. 

Emma & Andy having a more than 2m social chat with my sister-in-law Pauline who has a plot on the same allotment. 

A thank you to Pauline for weeding my parsnips which at the moment is the only thing I have growing on the plot, sweetcorn and beetroots are going to be sown as soon as this arctic wind and temperature drop is over. 

I've just noticed that Andy has obviously found the tin of chocolate bars in my shed. That's fine happy to supply some sugar and energy to my two key workers on the plot.

My increased Diabetes medication is bringing my sugar levels down and my foot is returning to a normal size and shape, but the infection in my lower leg is persisting and the pain inside and to the skin outside is still being controlled by pain killers, but it's positive seeing recovery although slow. 

I have to keep my blood sugars in check and try and eat better and not give in to temptation with chocolate, which is not easy for a chocoholic like me. The new medication can cause low blood sugar in which case I will have a valid reason for eating some if that happens.   


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