Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Rotkappchen (Red Riding Hood)


TOMATO DWARF ROTKAPPCHEN. A compact dwarf variety, perfect for the balcony, baskets or any smaller spaces.  Also known as “Red Riding Hood”.  The bush plants will reach no more than 550mm in height and produce a good crop of 50 Gram red fruits of excellent flavour. Determinate.


  • Sow in spring 1/16 inch deep in fine seed grade compost.
  • Germination takes around 6-14 days at 65-75F. (18 - 24C)
  • Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 3 inch pots.
  • Grow on under cooler conditions and when about 4 inches tall,
  • plant to thier final container or basket in the greenhouse
  • or gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions in a warm and sunny spot in and keep well watered.
  • Container fruit plants will benefiit from regular feeding.
I purchased my seeds from Premier Seeds Direct

As always I use a vending machine cup fill of soil to make the profile for the tomato plant that is about to be potted up into a larger pot.

The I squeeze the vending machine cup and pull it off revealing the nice root system and pop it into the hole formed in the larger pot, firm in place and top the pot up with compost. A nice water that has been standing in the sun and is warm so as not to shock the roots and let them adjust to their new home.

These two Rotkappchen were potted up from vending machine cups on the 19th May with many other tomatoes and in a few days time will get a Seaweed Feed for good measure.

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