Saturday, 18 April 2020

WORX Hydroshot on the Allotment

My new toy for the allotment arrived yesterday, curtesy of the marketing manager for WORX that I met at the Gardening Press Event in March. I just wish it was safe to go down to the allotment to play with it on my greenhouse and all the dirty planting membrane sheets and paving slabs I have planned to use it on. For now I will have a play in the back garden at home, but I'm really looking forward to not shielding the wife and being able to get down to the allotment plot once more to test it out. 

Some of the videos on YouTube are of the early single speed or pressure version that didn't have the (1) Pressure Setting Switch and were not supplied with any accessories at all. Excerpt from the manual below:- 

The WG62E-1 version I have been sent includes the (18) Soap Bottle, (19) Brush, and (20) Foldable Water Bucket. Items 23 - 25 are not provided.   

(23) The Turbo Nozzle is not supplied with the 20V version only the 40V version of the product so I have bought one to test out and will let you know how I get on with it. 

There are cheaper versions of this Nozzle on ebay directly from China, but you have to ask yourself do you want to purchase and take delivery of anything from China at the moment and in the future come to that?

I was tempted to buy the bottle cap connector but I think WORX have screwed this one up because you have to remove the male Hozelock type connector in order to install it, which begs the question why can't they make one with a Hozelock end?

So what will one of these cost you? 

The RRP for the WG629E.1 is £149.99 but as with everything shop around but make sure you are looking at the same thing as there are different codes for the newer brushless model and then it appears you can buy body only without the battery and any accessories. Some sellers have reduced the prices but also removed items from what they are selling.  

Older models are out there but I couldn't find anything to advise me what the difference in specification was between a WG625E and a WG629E the WG630E is the newer brushless model but it's more expensive and comes with less accessories. 

If I can get guidance from POSITEC I will update this post. Follow the WORX label on the left of the blog for more information when I actually get to play with the beast and can report further on my experience with it.   

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