Thursday, 9 April 2020

BioGreen CityJungle

Those nice people at BioGreen sent me a CityJungle, Stand and Cover to play with and review and below is a short video of the unboxing and assembly of the stand and the City Jungle for your viewing pleasure. It may be worth watching the video before reading the review. 


The City Jungle is aimed at those with small terrace, patios, yards or flats with a small balcony, and provides an area 0.2 square metres if growing space with a generous 34 litre compost/ soil capacity for the growth of homegrown vegetables, herbs or flowers, with a maximum total weight of 120kg.

It has been designed and engineered in Germany and comes flat packed, and as seen in the video above is assembled very easily. The obligatory manual in many languages and illustrations is provided and easy to follow.

The product has a built in reservoir in the base that holds 17 litres of water and is easily filled via either of the two water fill port spouts built into the long compartment plates that form the walls to the container element of the product. A water level indicator is provided so that you can monitor water levels and know when a top up is necessary.

A heavy duty frame can be provided for climbing plants or just plant support, and for supporting the optional cover.

I'm growing a coupe of Gigantomo tomatoes in my City Jungle that is now sitting on my patio. The manual states that City Jungle should not be used at locations where a wind speed of more than 11m/s or 25mph is expected. This is the first product of this kind that gives that level of information and as a structural engineer I like it, see my article on Blow-A-Ways 

Optional Extras include a stand and a cover to turn the City Jungle into greenhouse, which is ideal if you want to plant out and offer some light frost protection to what you are growing or additional heat for peppers etc.  

Whilst I was assembling the City Jungle and was having to bend down, I suddenly realised I could do that on the stand which raises the whole thing up an additional 360mm. The stand is to make using the City Jungle more back friendly when standing or sitting, and it certainly helped me when assembling and photographing, and ultimately planting and filling with water,   

The dimensions of the stand Height 360mm Width 690mm Depth 410mm

The City Jungle, Stand and Cover were so well packaged for transporting, I was impressed.
The recycled packing paper was shredded and has provided me with two buckets worth or brown material for my composting daleks. The carboard box will be used for a no dig bed or under my woodchip path.

In 2019 Bio Green made inroads into America and opened a warehouse there last year, and in 2020 they are looking to make the same inroads into the UK despite Brexit and the Coronavirus. They currently bring all UK products in from Germany but plan to open a UK warehouse in the near future once the UK business is big enough repeating the success found in America.

At the moment there is no UK Bio Green web site, if you try what you get is a translated German version with prices in Euros which is most confusing, not all the pages are fully translated and in fact makes people think that their products are more expensive than they really are, and prices in Euros puts British gardeners off buying from it. 

Bio Green is a family business set up in 1984 and is run today by Alfred & Jan Brusius and if I can give them any advice in making inroads into the UK market it would be, please bite the bullet and make a dedicated UK web site with prices in £

As I have discussed before in my article Gardening for Health and particularly at this time of lockdown and Isolation, growing plants and vegetables, and playing with soil has great therapeutic value. #IsolatedGardeners

In discussion with the Matt Evans the UK marketing Manager for Bio Green if you like the look of the City Jungle and have a small space in which you would like to grow, and would like to purchase whilst the Garden Centres are closed you can order via Matt using the email at or directly from the Biogreen order line 01772 368023 

£59.99 JGL City Jungle Basic (Base Unit Only)
£39.99 JGL-TR Tower
£89.99 JGL-T    City Jungle with Tower Saving of £9.99
£39.99 JGL-S    City Jungle Stand 
£29.99 JGL-C    City Jungle Cover  

These prices are correct at the time of publishing this article and include UK Mainland post and packaging

The small print 
I have not been paid to write this review and I'm not on commission in any way shape or form I just like the product, and Matt is a really nice guy.

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