Friday, 1 September 2017

Allotment Work Party

Redrow and Natta are going to remove the post and wire fence, clear the vegetation, lay crushed risings and compact and erect a close board fence to the perimeter plus replace the entrance gates and fence either side. They are also going to provide a composting wc for us. 

I agreed with Redrow that the allotment holders would will arrange for a demarcation line to be trimmed in the existing overgrown vegetation largely brambles alongside the bees. Thus a work party of four was quickly formed comprising of my brother-in-law Keith, John, Wally and myself.

When we met up this morning John and Wally had already trimmed the few branches from existing trees that would get in the way of the works and john had already made headway into the overgrown brambles earlier in the week. I must stay it lifted my spirit to see that we would not be starting from absolute zero and headway had already been made into the area.

We worked like little beavers from 8:00 - 12:30 with a couple of tea and coffee breaks and cleared quite a margin, actually about four to five times wider than the Redrows site Manger thought we were going too create. We had a good time and enjoyed each others company and we are all looking forward to having this beneficial resource on our allotment site

I would like to publically thank Keith, John and Wally for their help 

The works are due to start sometime towards the end of September / early October, but at least we have completed our tasks whist the weather is still sunny and dry.

Once completed we will be able to arrange deliveries of woodchips to be dropped off and renew the paths on our plots as it's been a long time since they were created and they have turned into material that will now support weed growth and need renewing.

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