Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Celery Experiment

A Doritos dip jar covered with black tape to stop the water going green in the sun, the little slit is so that I can see the water level in the jar. 

The bottom of the celery bought from the supermarket has been cut off and placed in the jar and they start to regrow and produce roots. There is about 7 - 10 days between each one in the photograph, and I will continue to do this until I have enough to grow on or replace what I'm buying to eat.

This is much faster that growing from seed, like I did last year! I tried some in the space saver green house and some on the allotment and they never really quite made it to a size that was edible and got caught in the first frost and ended up as compost material.  

My only decision now is do I feed them compost tea rather than water and grow them hydroponically or once the roots grow do I transfer them into pots and compost?

I think perhaps an experiment using both methods may be in order and perhaps I should put a date on each one so I know the order in which they were started off.

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