Sunday, 2 November 2014

Up early and it started to rain, so I waited and it stopped, got to the allotment about 8:15.

It had been raining but was dry. Managed to fill dalek 2 back up to the top with the compost from home and top up dalek 3. Really nice to see the level in dalek 2 drop on each visit and I must be doing something right as there were lots of nice red worms visible.

The pepper plants have had it and I have lost a few peppers to rot and attack but I still managed to come away with a few good specimens. Is it worth all the heartache trying to grow them, well yes I think it is, the wife or one of the kids bought me some two years ago and by the end of the season I just about had a plant, so it a challenge to see if I can do it and I have.

Bed 3 got cleared of weeds and more large stones and glass when it got turned over and raked flat, then it got covered with a sheet of weed membrane which I weighted down with PVC edging and a blue water pipe sprout hoop made for next year.

I managed to cut back the foliage and dry runner beans from the first frame and have filled the incinerator with it so it can dry out and then I can burn it. Then suddenly heavy rain, so a retreat to the greenhouse and runner bean extraction from pods took place, and the cutting up of all the pods for the compost heap.

I had a small tidy of the greenhouse and emptied sand from some damaged soft bricks into the metal trays to dry out, then when the rain slowed down a little I made a dash for the car, and came home around 12ish

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