Sunday 4 June 2023

Infrastructure Works

This morning Sunday 4th June between 9:40 - 12:30 on plot 1, cutting the tree stump back and laying the paving slabs from Freecycle behind the Square Foot Gardening Beds and between the Plot 1 Shed.

John from plot 10 helped me move the raised strawberry planter up against the wall and the spud in buckets that are on the narrow bed at the moment will be put there to free up the narrow bed so I can plant out some tomatoes.
Home for lunch and then back to do some potting and watering.

Back to the allotment between 4:00 and 6:20 to wash off the paving slabs that I laid this morning, I moved the potatoes in buckets from the half bed to the new patio and plant out two more Melons under glass into the grapevine bed.
Watered the onions, Lazy Housewife Runner Beans, All the Cucumbers, spring onions, Dwarf French Beans and Luffa

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