Sunday 4 March 2018

Woodchip Paths

The snow went yesterday and despite the forecast of rain, it was dry this morning so four and a half hours of shovelling woodchip into the wheel barrow and filling the paths that I lined with weed membrane over the last couple of weeks and it's nearly done. 

I laid out four secondary glazing panels on bed 7 to help warm it up, there are a few ends of membrane that need to be tucked under the slabs on the main central path, but all in all a good days work.  

Just the area behind the Daleks and between bed 7 and the table to go.

Lots of slug and snail tracks on the inside of the solar tents so some blue pellets of death have been added, The weed membrane on the path between Bed 4 & 5 needs to be tucked under the slab on the main central path. 

Next visit I must remove the debris on the smaller beds and transplant the Rhubarb from Plot 1, Dismantle the sprout netting and move it to it's new home for 2018.  

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