Saturday 31 March 2018

More Competition Winner Seeds

BlocX were doing a promotion on Facebook and supplying the first few hundred people who expressed and interest with five packs of Mr Fothergill's seeds, they arrived today and will be catalogued and saved in the appropriate locations in one of the three seed boxes I have apart from the Maskotka Tomato seed that I will be opening and sowing in one of the Portable Grow Stations later today. 

I have seen the BlocX products before and it's use as a landscaping and retaining structure is of interest to me as I undertake home extension designs when not on the allotment. Sometimes these designs include re landscaping so more civil engineering rather than architectural landscaping from my point of view but there is defiantly a crossover. 

I would dearly love some raised beds made of BlocX but they are way too expensive for an allotment plot, but defiantly something to think about for the garden.

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