Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Parsnip Experiment

And so the great Parsnip Experiment starts.

Kitchen rolls are about 20mm plus twice the height of a toilet roll or 220mm high, so my thinking is I will fill with compost, chit some parsnips on damp kitchen towel in a plastic Chinese Meal container and then sow in the top of the kitchen roll.

I have a Soil Auger and can drill holes in the allotment bed and place the parsnip and Kitchen roll in the hole and fill around with compost.  This time I'm going to use the top of a plastic milk bottle as a funnel for filling the kitchen rolls

It's nice to see the tomato seedlings popping their heads up after a few days in the grow station .

Washing out the vending machine cups that the Catawissa Onions were overwintered in ready for the sowing of onion sets. I use the trusty soldering iron to melt two holes in the cups and you can do 4 at a time. Vending machine cups last quite a long time if you can be bothered to wash them out and re use them, plus they sit nicely in a 4x5 tray module.

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