Friday 9 March 2018

Sow !

First off for the two portable Grow Stations are Tomatoes with 4 seeds from my grow every year list which are

01 Beefsteak
02 Gardeners Delight
03 Crimson Crush F4
04 Kibitz
05 Money Maker
06 One Hundreds and Thousands
07 Outdoor Girl
08 Stupicke Poini Rane
09 Rapunzel 

10 Vitorino (Tesco Saved Seed)
11 Angelle(Tesco Saved Seed)
If I manage to get some beds ready on the new plot I will gown a couple of Crimson Crush and Rapunzel on the allotment, hopefully early enough to miss the blight.
So that leaves 11 More varieties yet to be determined for growing in the back garden as I always grow 22 plants in flower buckets, these varieties will be based on the age of the seed saved so that I may replenish the seed stocks and keep my Tomato collection viable. I will sow the 11 selected varieties once the first two trays have migrated to the external grow station and been potted up, hopefully the delay in sowing will lead to a longer harvest period.

The Greenhouse varieties which are all small pot dwarf type tomatoes are

01 Bajaja
02 Balconi Red
03 Micro Tom
04 Minibel
05 Red Robin
06 Rosella
07 Sub Artic Plenty
08 Super Roma
09 Tiny Tim

Again 4 of each variety will be sown, and should I manage to get the second allotment greenhouse erected in time, one plant of each variety will be gown in all three greenhouses. So (at the moment) there is a planned total of 31 different varieties to grown this year, and a total of 76 plants!

Seed Compost in the trays warming up ready for the tomato seeds later today
All sown this evening and treated to some light before bed time 

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