Friday 23 March 2018

Optigrow range - Leek Cairngorm

I entered a Mr Fothergill's competition on the 19th March on Facebook

Leek Cairngorm is a great leek variety that produces iniform, thick white shanks. It is also a variety that features in our new Optigrow range – a world exclusive new way of treating seeds for quicker and more uniform germination performance. Optigrow® is a non-chemical seed priming treatment for the hobby gardener that gives you quicker and more uniform germination.
We would love to hear from leek growers out there who have problems germinating and raising leeks as we would love for you to test out this variety by sowing untreated and Optigrow treated alongside each other and feeding back your findings to us.
We have 10 packets up for grabs and we’ll choose across Facebook and Twitter at the end of the week.

I'm now looking forward to sowing a couple of buckets of Leek Cairngorm when they arrive in the post, and after the Beast from the East 3 has been and gone after the Easter Weekend.

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