Tuesday 27 March 2018

More Raspberries

I had to pop into Morrisons to pick up some Easter Eggs for the little ones in the family and saw these Summer and Autumn Raspberries sitting on the shelf calling to me to buy them as they were only £2 each and that they could be friends to the couple I bought from Lidl last week. These are in 90mm pots and have been watered and look healthy, unlike one of the twigs I got from Lidl.

The Red Summer Raspberry is called Tulameen  
The Yellow Autumn Raspberry is called Allgold 
The Red Autumn Raspberry is called Autumn Bliss

Fruits between July & August 

Planting between February and June or September and October. Ideal for small gardens these fruit are easy to grow and will tolerate most soil types 

Pruning Remove old canes in Winter. New shoots will appear in the Spring these will require supporting against strong winds. Feed regularly through the growing season with a fish, blood and bone fertiliser.

Position Full sun to part shade 

Height 1.5m or 5ft 

The Briers Reinforced Rigger gloves for £3 are worth it as I still have some Hawthorne trees to deal with, and who can resist Bypass Pruners with carbon still Blades for £2 each.

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