Sunday 11 March 2018

Catawissa Onion Bed Finished

Site Rep duties this morning showing the next person on the waiting list the three vacant plots on Mill Green, they are taking plot 4 and whilst showing them around the site I introduced them to other plot holders who were on site. 

Bed three was finally covered up today and the bamboo gallows bracket structure above the Catawissa Onion Bed was dismantled.  Pruning and training of the tree branches to the apple trees either side of the Catawissa onion bed was achieved by drilling and fixing eye bolts then using soft rubber / wire ties.  

The compost from Dalek three was dug out into the wheelbarrow and then used to top the onion bed to the top of the timber. The smaller bulbs I planted some time ago that been over wintering in the greenhouse, that I brought to site in two trays in a large gravel tray were enough to populate the first two rows of the planting stations, with a couple of extras encase of slug attack. The larger bulbs have only just started to sprout so I planted the larger bulbs along the front row.

I will need to make a fence up to go around the front and sides to assist in keeping the onions from falling over onto the paths as they grow and start wondering around. and to keep the blessed foxes off the bed.  I have loads of mushroom tray bottoms on Spencer Road so I will need to visit and recover what I can and knock something up.

The Beetroots and Carrots have had a day under the lights in the external grow station and it's been around 17C in there, it's cooling off this evening, but I've given the loo rolls another good watering. 

The tomatoes in the indoor portable grow stations should be OK, I will give them a water tomorrow to ensure they don't dry out. It's also nice spotting the first seeds to germinate.

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